In My Clients Words

In my clients own words, here are some of the results that they attribute to our work together.


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Because of your coaching, I have gained so much insight that has paved the way to making changes and taking charge of my life. Barbara Mancini, Inova Fairfax Hospital, Director, Neuroscience Service Line

You are compelling and truly have a gift for helping others create clarity. Miriam M., Biopharmaceutical Company Executive.

I was quite confused about my future when I frist came to see you. Now I have clarity regarding my outlook on life and direction in which I wanted to head. L.M., Realtor, Virginia

I was able to achieve clarity of thinking without emotional baggage. C.L., executive, International Organization, Switzerland

Through coaching I became clear on what aspects of my job I really enjoyed, and what I could do without. I later on received a job offer within the company that is a much better fit for me. R.E., financial analyst, Fortune 500 company, GA

I achieved clarity about prioritizing different kinds of goals, L.D., member of the clergy, VA

Julia helped me to identify emotional and mental roadblocks, which I didn t even know existed, which had been hindering my ability to bring more clarity into my life. It was an incredibly beneficial process to stop, reflect, and find my core to realize the deeper purpose behind my actions and my beliefs. Erin Krampetz, Senior Change Manager, Ashoka


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Uncovering my blind spots and how they impact pursuit and attainment of my personal and professional goals was truly enlightening. R.N., senior executive, Fortune 500 Company

Now I understand better how I operate and how to recognize and tackle my self-sabotaging tendencies. C.S., school teacher, Washington, DC

Because of your coaching I am being consistent about being true to my own self—-which is a creative individual. Lenny Marsh, stand-up comedian, VA

I became more attuned to how I communicate and others communicate with me.
M.O., lawyer, IL

Before coaching I had feelings or emotions about who I was and how I wanted to live. Now I have developed a vocabulary to describe it to myself and others as well as some actions and goals to get the wheels in motion. A.K., office manager, Washington, DC

Other benefits included feeling more confident and aware of my own strengths and weaknesses. Erin Krampetz, Senior Change Manager, Ashoka


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Julia helped me get back confidence in myself and my own abilities. I now do not allow my feelings and self-worth be dictated by what others do or don t do.
Gerald Doe, senior financial analyst, CH2MHill

I learned to rely less on others, built my self-confidence. E.L., HR professional, Switzerland

I now feel more confident in my own decisions, S.N., non-profit executive, Washington, DC

Coaching enabled me to know and believe in my abilities and talents, J.M., singer, VA


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Coaching really helped me put things into perspective and remove distractions which will improve my focus on success. V.B., Fortune 500 Executive, Colorado

Focused on problems/issues I would otherwise not have focused on, at least not as closely.
M.H. partner in a multinational law firm, Illinois

Refocused on priorities, improved my time management. C.C. Engineering executive, Colorado.

Our session this morning helped ground and focus me before a critical meeting. Thank you! C.H. Non-profit manager, Washington, DC

I am much more aware of not taking on responsibilities unless they fit my goals for the year. L.D., professor, VA


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I was able to go to my principal and tell him what I needed, and ended up getting many of the things I asked for! C.S., public school teacher, Washington, DC

With your help I was able to negotiate a four day work week without taking a cut in pay! Plus my employer agreed to pay for my education! A.K. office manager, Washington, DC


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Through working with Julia, I have taken on more and more responsibility and assumed a leadership role, particularly at a time when there was a vacuum as my boss took on a new role and her replacement had not been found.
Gerald Doe, senior financial analyst, CH2MHill, Colorado


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From a career perspective, I ve moved from the precipice of leaving the company to acknowledging extreme satisfaction at work and accepting a promotion as a senior financial executive in the firm, Vicki Bogenberger, VP, CH2MHill, WA


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I no longer view my job as only the means for survival. I know it can be a calling, something I enjoy, and even for me to make a contribution. R.E., financial analyst, Fortune 500 company.

A small, but important change was for me to realize that I need to think and better understand the request before I sign myself up for a project. I also realized that it is not always good for me, or others, to say yes.E.K., non-profit executive, Washington, DC

I think I have something powerful to share. Now that I am getting more comfortable with how to channel it [my gifts], without triggering all kinds of insecurities about not being good enough, or being too competitive or bossy, I am just plain glad that I have it (my knowledge, passionate interests, sense of being alive and excited about it!). I am beginning to feel OK about asking for help. R.H., college professor, MA

I am [now] more inspired and productive than ever . I have recognized the need for more play and color in my life which has altered the way I approach every day with more laughter, hope, color, and joy. Erin Krampetz, Senior Change Manager, Ashoka

You made 3 significant impacts where I critically needed to change my approach to things. Namely, they are the following.

  • Accepting life s setbacks, as well as changes in loved ones attitudes, and seeking new sources of joy and companionship independently.
  • Learning how to say no to all those remote acquaintances who- innocently- taxed my time and energies by soliciting professional help.
  • Enjoying travelling, dining and the arts without necessarily having a companion.

S.A., senior executive, Fortune 500 company, PA


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I ve been able to improve my health, manage stress and strengthen relationships with friends and family. Vicki Bogenberger, Vice President, CH2MHILL, Inc., Colorado

Because of better efficiency and productivity at work, I have had more time to take care of my personal life: to spend more time with my family.
Gerald Doe, senior financial analyst, CH2MHill, Inc. Colorado

What you do best is integrate a person s whole life, here and there. It s not just how do I make my life at work better, or how do I make my relationship with my spouse, kid, friend better. The question your coaching helps to answer is “How do I bring together all aspects from here to there?” Lenny Marsh, realtor, Long and Foster Real Estate

I stopped bringing work home on weekends, and I no longer apologize for it. BM, senior executive, VA


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I feel unstuck and I m excited to let go of the old mindset and move my new product launches forward. Tya Bolton, CEO, Exceptional Business Solutions, LLC, MD

My goal in working with an executive coach was primarily to get back on track what I believed had been a stalled career for the past 3 4 years. In three months, I have gotten more commendations from my boss and others I support than I have in two years with the company. I definitely could not have done it without Julia s excellent coaching and personable style. Gerald Doe, Senior Financial CH2MHILL, Inc., CO

Your sample session served as a call to action and was therefore very beneficial. Juliet Murphy, President/Founder, WOW I LOVE MY CAREER, CA

I actually was able to write a couple of jokes yesterday (it s been a long time). Thank you for helping to loosen up my creative side. L.M., Stand-up comedian, VA


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By improving my communication skills, and setting the right priorities I developed great working relationships with colleagues in the field. Gerald Doe, Senior Financial Analyst, CO


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I am much more relaxed, confident, and I have more clarity in my life, and I am more inspired and productive than ever. Erin Krampetz, Senior Change Manager, Ashoka

Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and partnership. I look forward to our continued journey towards a more purposeful, inspired life. Barbara Mancini, Inova Fairfax Hospital, Director, Neuroscience Service Line