“The coaching you provided for our Environmental business executive leadership team was insightful and pertinent to our strategy. Thanks for your help.”

Mike Szomjassy, President, Environmental Services Business Group, CH2MHill, Inc.

“Julia has a keen insight as an executive coach, in that she emphasizes spiritual growth and how it plays into our daily work lives and she really understands that our best work really starts when we have this spiritual balance. She runs an awesome, well organized executive coaching practice she is a natural! And her clients are blessed to have her leadership in their lives.”

Tony C. Williams, COO, Pacific Western Technologies

“Julia says she has a “bag of tricks” but I gotta tell you that she is so here and so now and so tuned into what you are saying that she has to be just about the best coach imaginable. She thinks so quickly, listens very carefully, and has a way of taking what you think is an insoluble situation and getting you to visualize alternative perspectives - and alternative solutions. It is like she has this extremely brilliant and very loving power that is outside of the box and she just “gets” everything I tell her. .Julia s is without a doubt one of the best coaches I have ever met, absolutely trustworthy, absolutely for real, honest, sincere, easy to interact with, and absolutely brilliant! I cannot recommend Julia highly enough. She can do anything. Absolutely anything.”

C. Thomas Boone, Manager, Ashoka Executive Office Correspondence Team

“Julia is a very effective coach and facilitator. The information she provided on international cultures was very insightful as we endeavor to do projects around the world with people of different nationalities and values. As a professional coach, she is direct, challenging, and effective in assisting one to improve their performance. I was frankly surprised at her ability to get me to openly discuss very personal and sensitive issues. I found her counsel to be very useful.”

Donald A. Shipley, Senior Director Human Resources Energy & Water Division, Water Business Group, CH2MHill

“In the six sessions I had with Julia, I received significant benefit that continues to unfold weeks after the final session. I am much more relaxed, confident, and I have more clarity in my life, and I am more inspired and productive than ever.

It was an incredibly beneficial process to stop, reflect, and find my core to realize the deeper purpose behind my actions and my beliefs. Other benefits included feeling more confident and aware of my own strengths and weaknesses, including areas of my life that I have been neglecting and that I now plan to spend more energy nurturing and developing.

Our first session helped me to transform a difficult project into an inspiring project to discover vision partners and this helped to change my perspective on how to seek help not as a charitable transaction, but as a win-win proposition. Then, by identifying my need to follow my own dreams and ambitions, without concern for what others might want for me, I have been able to reclaim the love I had for the program I helped to build at Ashoka. I am busy improving our business plan for Ashoka U, rather than writing my own for a new project.

Finally, I have recognized the need for more play and color in my life which has altered the way I approach every day with more laughter, hope, color, and joy. I ve also removed clutter and painted my kitchen, which was a goal.”

Erin Krampetz, Senior Change Manager, Ashoka

“Julia and I have been working together for 8 months. During that time Julia has been a valued coach and partner to help me define and achieve both career and life goals. Her comfortable style elegantly creates an environment of trust that is a basic foundation of her work. Together, we ve worked through great change in a very short time. From a career perspective, I ve moved from the precipice of leaving the company to acknowledging extreme satisfaction at work and accepting a promotion as a senior financial executive in the firm. From a life perspective, I ve been able to improve my health, manage stress and strengthen relationships with friends and family. Our continuing challenge is to turn this work into sustained behavior.

Julia s work has been so helpful that last month I extended her contract to work with my entire team. There have already been successes.

I m confident enough with the process Julia follows, and the results that I ve seen her help myself and others accomplish, to say that any firm that works with Julia will see a transformation in the executive team that she coaches. I recommend her work highly. “

Vicki Bogenberger, VP, Business Services and CFO, CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Company

"Julia: Having the time with you was a privilege and an honor. I have great admiration for your work. Your coaching session served as a call to action which gave me the motivation to take the next step in advancing my own coaching career. Thank you!"
Juliet Murphy, President, WOW I LOVE MY CAREER

“I ve been coached by many people and the session I had with you helped me to get to the root of what was stopping me from launching my products. I feel unstuck and I m excited to let go of the old mindset and move my launches forward. Thank you, and keep coaching Julia!”

Tya Bolton, CEO, Exceptional Business Solutions, LLC

“I cannot begin to thank you enough and show my gratitude for the past year and half that you have helped me through rough times, personally and professionally. Because of your coaching, I have gained so much insight that has paved the way to making changes and taking charge of my life.

Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and partnership. I look forward to our continued journey towards a more purposeful, inspired life.”

Barbara Mancini, Inova Fairfax Hospital, Director, Neuroscience Service Line

“Julia is a talented and effective coach, who establishes a deep and effective connection to her coaching clients in remarkably short order. She is a wonderful listener and a powerful questioner, whose genuine commitment to her client s success shines brightly and vividly. I recommend her work without hesitation, and am honored to have had the opportunity to be coached by her.”

Steve Heller, PCC Co-Director, Georgetown University Leadership Coaching program

“I actually was able to write a couple of jokes yesterday (it s been a long time). Thank you for helping to loosen up my creative side. Because of your coaching I am being consistent about being true to my own self—-which is a creative individual.”

Lenny Marsh, a stand-up comedian and pilot

“I am always impressed with your laser like insight. Thank you for being as devoted and true to your word as I had hoped you would be .

What you do best is integrate a person s whole life, here and there. It s not just how do I make my life at work better, or how do I make my relationship with my spouse, kid, friend better. The question your coaching helps to answer is “how do I bring together all aspects from here to there?”

Lenny Marsh, Realtor, Long and Foster Real Estate

“Julia s executive coaching skills are excellent. She is able to make the connection between life and career and how to excel in both while maintaining an excellent balance between the two worlds. Julia offers excellent communication seminars I would recommend to anyone.”

Catherine Franz, Sr. Life and Business Master Coach, ATC, Inc.

“Julia draws out that which I know but which I have trouble accessing on my own.

Her complete focus on me in each moment gives me permission to own what I know, and allows me to be open to that which I don t know.

She supports my creative side and my “truth” and allows me the time and space to process out loud. I have the answers, and Julia empowers me to see them and make them come to life.

She genuinely takes joy in my “aha” moments and creative musings, and makes me feel supported and cared for. I trust her.”

Nancy Sanchez
Director, Mind/Body Programs (Pilates & Yoga)
sport&health @ Gainesville/Regency
Pilates Faculty, BALANCED BODY

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your willingness and exquisite ability to coach others into seeing themselves and their lives more effectively and joyfully, at least speaking for myself.”

Louisa L. Davis, M.Div., Ph.D. ,The Sustainable Activist Cooperative

“My goal in working with an executive coach was primarily to get back on track what I believed had been a stalled career for the past 3 4 years and to obtain a better balance between work and my personal life. I needed to re-focus and channel my abilities in the right direction in spite of not getting the recognition and reward I felt I deserved. I needed to get away from being a report producer to adding better value in the work I did - more analysis, better collaboration with colleagues, giving boss more of what she needed to make decisions, being more proactive and taking the initiative and lead on various subjects.

In three months, Julia has been invaluable in setting me on the path to achieving all these goals and more! She has helped me identify the mundane aspects of my job and handle them more efficiently. This allowed me to create adequate amount of time for the more fun, exciting, and educational aspects of the job. I ve been able to set specific and measurable goals and develop much better time management skills. By improving my communication skills, and setting the right priorities I developed great working relationships with colleagues in the field. I gained better understanding of what s happening operationally and financially with projects, which are the building blocks of our company s work Through working with Julia, I have taken on more and more responsibility and assumed a leadership role, particularly at a time when there was a vacuum as my boss took on a new role and her replacement had not been found.

I started my coaching with Julia at a time when I was really in the gutter about my career. I was not giving my best efforts and work had become dreary. Julia helped me understand that regardless of what others did or thought, I had the responsibility to myself to do the best work I could, and to achieve my potential. I realized that I could get the satisfaction and self-confidence from knowing I had done great work, regardless of whether it was recognized or not. She helped me get back confidence in myself and my own abilities. I now do not allow my feelings and self-worth be dictated by what others do or don t do.

I ve also learned to take time to reflect on and celebrate small and big accomplishments. Because of better efficiency and productivity at work, I have had more time to take care of my personal life: to spend more time with my family. , In three months, I have gotten more commendations from my boss and others I support than I have in two years with the company. I definitely could not have done it without Julia s excellent coaching and personable style.”

Gerald Doe, Senior Financial Analyst, Ch2Mhill, Inc.

“Julia Karpeisky is one of the best resources for reflection, self-consideration, and healing. She has improved my life in many aspects, from the practical to the personal. She has given me tools to employ when considering my present and future; ones that I may call upon at any point. She is a source of empowerment and understanding, and I thank her for her help in furthering my goals in the many aspects of my life.”

AR, high school teacher

“Finally, I managed to find the right mood, focus and state-of-mind to reflect on the impact of your executive coaching program on me, and concluded that you ve made 3 significant impacts in life-approach areas, where I critically needed to change my approach to things. Namely, they are the following.

  • Accepting life s setbacks, as well as changes in loved ones attitudes, and seeking new sources of joy and companionship independently.
  • Learning how to say no to all those remote acquaintances who- innocently- taxed my time and energies by soliciting professional help.
  • Enjoying travelling, dining and the arts without necessarily having a companion.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) I never realized how remarkably significant those 3 impacts are, at the time you ve counseled me about them. Undoubtedly, this is mainly due to your seemingly effortless style, and ability to make things feel naturally evolving with time. Now, after some time passed, I could step back and take stock on such deeply seated issues. That s when I immediately realized how great a gift you ve given me, which I haven t noticed fully until today. I am, therefore, delighted to relate my heartfelt gratitude to you.”

S.A., senior executive, 2008 Fortune 500 Company

“Julia s coaching skills combined with her assessment of my Hogan results really helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses in areas I hadn t even considered. Uncovering my blind spots and how they impact pursuit and attainment of my personal and professional goals was truly enlightening. I greatly appreciate her ability to get to the meat of the subject quickly and highly recommend her coaching for anyone wishing to take meaningful steps toward personal development.”

R.N., senior executive, Fortune 500 Company

“As the result of our work together, I refocused on priorities improved my time management. I began to pay more attention to establishing goals and trying to achieve them; I learned importance of establishing daily habits to support your goals, no matter how small. This allowed me to make progress toward larger, more important goals. “

C.C. , executive, Fortune 500 Company

“I focused on problems/issues I would otherwise not have focused on, at least not as closely. I found having a sounding board and someone to press me about settled unproductive behaviors extremely valuable. I became more attuned to how I communicate and others communicate with me. I appreciated having a process that forced me to be disciplined about these things instead of ignoring them. “

L.V., Partner in a multinational law firm