In My Clients Words

After we complete our coaching relationship, my clients fill out a feedback form. Here are some answers to the question:

What strengths of mine have supported you the most?

EL, Switzerland: Honesty, perspective, brain power, caring.

TW, Colorado : Your very calm and centered approach to emotionally charged issues, and very practical exercises.

MH, Illinois: Your insights, your wisdom about people and life; your intuition; your intellect; your good communications skills; your sense of caring.

LM, VA: Your unfailing truth telling. You never hesitated to tell the truth even if I didn t particularly care to hear it!

LM, VA: I am always impressed with your laser like insight. Thank you for being as devoted and true to your word as I had hoped you would be.

CS, DC: I liked when you asked me, and you said it was coming from a place of love, if I was ever going to do all the things I was saying I would do! I think it was done in the right way at the right time.

JM, VA: Your patience, humanity, friendliness, education, knowledge.

SM, WV : You are extremely patient of the process required for a person to face difficult truths and make real change. It took so much time and there were periods when I didn t feel it was going anywhere and would probably have given up if I was on my own. Also your warmth was always apparent and because you were so kind and loving I was encouraged to keep going.

LD, VA: Directness, willingness to share stories, gentleness and wisdom with which you pushed me to go deeper, i.e. on what success means to me, and why I keep doing so much.

EK, DC: The structure that you provided for each session. You are also a very positive and supportive person and I always felt valued and appreciated.

MM, WV: Ability to listen and affirm. Conversation style, anecdotes, ability to relate, knowledge of a variety of techniques and theories these things all contributed to my feeling comfortable in our work together.

TB, MD: Being in the here and now. Ability to listen and hear. Quick analysis and ability to visualize alternative scenarios and even role play them. Intelligence. Very quick responses to email communications - really being there. Upbeat. Warm. Welcoming. Coherence. Wisdom. Brilliance. Caring.

VB, WA: Her comfortable style elegantly creates an environment of trust that is a basic foundation of her work.

CB, VA: Optimism, enthusiasm and sense that anything is possible. I sensed a debth of conviction and a freedom from the standard checklists of corporate mindsets.

NB, MD: You are easy to talk to, very intuitive, and very smart. It s important for me to know that I am talking to someone who is that smart.

MT, DC: Julia is a great listener and seems genuinely sincere when it comes to her clients. I really enjoyed my sessions with her and wish I had more.

SH, DC: Julia s genuine commitment to her client s success shines brightly and vividly.

NS, VA: Her complete focus on me in each moment gives me permission to own what I know, and allows me to be open to that which I don t know. She genuinely takes joy in my “aha” moments and creative musings, and makes me feel supported and cared for. I trust her.

PS, MD: I feel like you are looking into my soul, and that you see me, and you hear me. It s the way you listen I thought to myself, she has my best interest at heart.

AK, DC: As a coach you are both warm and professional. I know it s a tough balance to maintain, but it s the one that puts coachee at ease.