Love Your Life! December 7 - 9, 2012

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A renewal program for the overcommitted professional.

Do You LOVE Your Life? Yes, LOVE!

Are you fully engaged with your job or does it lack meaning and interest? Do you feel loved and supported in your relationships? Or maybe your life is so hectic is that you don t even know if what you have is what you want. If that s true for you, you are not alone! AND It does not have to be like that!

Join us for a rejuvenating mountain weekend, and make a big step towards a life of no regrets.

I know the pain of feeling suffocated in your life. I also know what it s like to love it. It is AWESOME! You have a sense that all is right with the world, and you know that the life you are living is truly yours. It s full of joy, ease, and success.

LOVE YOUR LIFE! weekend is a chance to disconnect from the daily grind, and connect with yourself, nature and other kindred souls. You will hear your own voice, see possibilities, and become inspired.

WHERE: We will stay in the rustic and cozy Bright Morning Inn, high in the breathtaking mountains of West Virginia.


  • Get some fuel and connect with others! Susan Moore, the innkeeper, will provide wholesome, nourishing meals and an opportunity to create a dinner together.
  • Connect with nature and get your body moving! Lots of opportunity for rock climbing, mountain biking along spectacular trails, or beautiful hiking for all levels of fitness. You could also play golf or fish in cold clear streams.
  • Stretch, center, and connect with your body! Join a yoga class, book a massage or a private yoga session.
  • Reflect and connect with yourself! Stargaze, watch sunsets, sit by the river and write in your journal.
  • Chill and connect with it all! Wander around, browse art galleries, talk to people, or simply sit by the fire and read. When was the last time you ve done that?


Over the course of three days we ll spend about ten hours together in the cozy living room of Bright Morning Inn. There will be lots of uplifting discussion and fun, hands-on activities to help you:

  • Discover what gives you meaning, what makes you wake up excited and go to bed contented;
  • Find out what areas of your life are out of balance and where you would like to grow professionally;
  • Develop a Life Purpose Statement, and articulate your top values;
  • Find out how your life aligns with your values;
  • Learn to distinguish between “should” goals and “me” goals;
  • Commit to taking actions that will get you closer to accomplishing your goals.
  • Walk away fired up to accomplish two inspiring “me” goals that will take you closer to the life that you will actually have time to love!

If you choose to participate in our follow-up offerings, you will have structure, support, and accountability to turn your goals into reality.

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Julia Karpeisky, M.S., M.A., CPCC, PCC. Meet Julia!

I took a lot of scary steps to create a life I love. I left a prestigious job with the Molecular Biology Department of Moscow State University to come to the US alone with $200 to my name and became the first Soviet graduate student at the University of Kentucky. Later on, in Washington, DC, I left a steady job with benefits because it went against my values. And I left a marriage, because I could not have the kind of relationship I wanted.

I have been a small business owner for the past 15 years, helping people understand themselves and others. As a professional coach, I partner with clients to create their lives as a true expression of who they are. As a Russian interpreter, I facilitate communication in all kinds of settings - from the Oval Office to the prison cell in Guantanamo, from an oligarch to a homeless schizophrenic. As a consultant, I help Russian and American businesses build lasting partnerships.

I live in Northern Virginia with my husband and two great kids. My life continues to evolve, and for the most part I love it.

I would also love a chance to help YOU move towards a wonderful place of ease and success, where you too would say: “I LOVE MY LIFE!”

I look forward to seeing you in November! Sign Up Today!